cash management hardware with note recycler and cashguard premium

Introducing the Cash Management system – the ideal solution for any store



Today, managing money in stores takes a lot of time. This time is mainly about control – determining the deposit, accepting the money from the customer, returning the rest of the cash to the customer, managing the money in the cash drawer, etc.
Manually managing money not only takes a lot of time, it makes the business vulnerable to mistakes. Handling money in this way exposes the business to fraud and robbery. The result is negative effects on revenues, staff and customer service itself.

Cash Management is a system that greatly changes this way of doing business – many cashier tasks and jobs are being terminated or changed. CashManagement fully controls money management.
How does the system work? Before issuing an invoice, the customer hands over the cashier to the cashier. The cashier saves money in “Cash Guard” – the leading money management solution in the market. Cash Guard automatically closes and secures the process of handling cash at the point of sale by saving money in the vault. The system automatically reads the amount that the cashier saves in the Cash Guard, and automatically refunds the money to the customer.


cashguard and note collector


Software called “Declaration” provides daily insight into cash flow data. If there are more than one store, this information is collected at the central office. This is a complete new solution and for the first time cash transaction data can be viewed in real time. Using such information, the software independently determines which deposit and what resources of money to use at the cash register. Software as such is very flexible and merchants can choose between features that meet their specific needs.

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