Server Mark d.o.o. was founded in May 1994 with the aim of selling and servicing electronic devices. Founders of the company are Ana and Stjepan Gorsa. Stjepan Gorsa came up with the idea of establishing this company after years of experience working in the field of measuring instruments.

The development of the company started from a family home with only two employees. But after 4 years of work and expansion, in 1997, the first worker was hired. In the following years company expanded on a business plan, that
required an increase in the number of employees.

An increase in the volume of work led to relocation of company, in August 2003, to today's address - 9 Joze Martinovica Street.

We specialize in digital scales in the fields of commerce and industry; selling, calibrating and servicing them. In addition to DIGI products, since 2014, we became partners with the renowned Japanese company Anritsu Infivis CO. for Croatia, which offers in its product range devices for quality control in food and pharmaceutical industries.

In 2015, we became an accredited body for certification (calibration) of scales by the National Bureau of Metrology. Furthermore, we sell consumables that are necessary for individual scales (thermal labels, thermal rolls, ...).
Since 2016 we are partners of the Dutch company Belona, which has agreed to cooperate in the range of linerless labels (more advanced labeling method) in Croatia and it˙s region.

In 2019, we became partners with StrongPoint. StrongPoint is an innovative company that focuses its technology on retail chains. StrongPoint and Server Mark d.o.o will focus the most on retail business area, and especially on Self Checkout and Cash Management solutions.

In doing so, we provide integrated technological solutions that increase productivity of retail checkouts, which allows for simplicity and speed of collection of goods in stores.
Merchant Store Integration means great savings and significantly speeds up billing process for customers.

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