CashGuard Unico

CashGuard Unico is a customer-facing payment solution, which improves the shopping experience and frees up resources for smaller retailers on a pay-as-you-go basis. Guiding lights and pictograms help the customers through the payment process, creating an intuitive and interactive checkout experience. The staff can focus on serving the customer instead of the cash. Therefore, CashGuard Unico is a preferred service for retailers in hospitality, pharmacies, bakeries and forecourts.

CashGuard Unico Technical Datasheet


The Store Manager software automates the cash handling, which saves both time and money.

Unico is easy to fit into your existing counters. The outer dimensions make it possible to switch your old equipment without any modifications at all.

Retail Suite is just a login away. As soon as you connect your CashGuard Unico to Retail Suite the latest software and the configurations are available.

StrongPoint cooperates with leading POS suppliers to offer a seamless integration to CashGuard Unico.

cash management cashguard unico
inserting coins to cashguard Unico

Coin Recycler

The coin recycler takes care of the coins allowing cashier to focus on the customers. Its innovative light guiding system assists the customers in using the coin recycler. It is secure, floor mounted and built to deliver a problem- free 24/7-operation. It automatically counts and tracks the coins and transfers the information to the cloud software.

Colour: Black
Inlet: Bunch feed of coins
Outlet: Multi coin bowl
Denominations: Max 8
Recycling Capacity: 1,500 coins
Coin Box: 1,500 coins
Customer Interface: Interactive RGB lights

woman insert money to cashguard unico system

Note Recycler

As all CashGuard products the note recycler is tamper proof and the electronic lock tracks all openings. The note recycler offers the same innovative guiding system as the coin recycler making it ideal for customer facing implementations.

Colour: Black
Configuration: Single feed of notes
Denominations: Max 7
Recycling Capacity: 70 notes
Note Box: 1,000 notes

cashguard unico controller


The controller is the hub of Unico. Point of Sale, Retail Suite and the recyclers are all connected to the controller. The Linux based software handles the transaction and optimises the cash process to minimise the need for additional collections and replenishment.

coin box

Note & Coin box

The note and coin box is used for secure transfer of notes from the cash point to the back office. The notes and coins are stored, and the boxes can be equipped with tamper-indicating locks to prevent unauthorised access during transport.

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