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Self-Checkout Hardware

The StrongPoint self-checkout hardware is interactive and intuitive with a modern design.

The self-checkout hardware can be ordered with space for one or two bags in the bagging area. It features LED lights that guide the customer through the check-out process. High-quality 19,5-inch screens further improve the checkout experience. The hardware can be combined with StrongPoint’s self-checkout software.

Selling tobacco at self-checkouts

Tobacco can now be purchased from a self-checkout without the assistance of the store attendants, because of the combination of AI and technology. After age verification at the self-checkout, the customer picks up the tobacco ticket and scans it at Vensafe tobacco dispenser and then is asked to verify his age again. Upon successful verification, Vensafe dispenses the tobacco items.

Using self-checkout can be easy, efficient and attractive

StrongPoint’s self-checkout solution reduces the need for attendant
support, is easy to use, reduces customer transaction time and increases
the overall checkout capacity

Customer experience

The StrongPoint self-checkout software solution is easy to use for a shopper of any age. An intuitive interface requires no experience for beginners and is pleasant for frequent users. Fewer attendant tasks and increased checkout speed by 20% lead to increased labor savings, boost loyalty and result in a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

Clear design

StrongPoint self-checkout is friendly and attractive to shoppers. A contemporary, light and simple design and innovative LED illumination invites and attracts shoppers.
Improved ergonomics of the self-checkout helps shoppers making a decision on a checkout to use on a daily basis. Innovative LED illumination helps the attendant to assist shoppers in an efficient way.

selfcheckout system

Software flexibility

StrongPoint’s self-checkout software is easy to adjust to retailers’ processes and easy to implement. The software solution works the best on StrongPoint self-checkout hardware, but can also be used on existing third-party hardware.




Consultancy services

Consulting provided by the StrongPoint Professional Services team enables smooth integration with store processes. We provide operational best practices, solution optimisation, KPI management and other related services.



StrongPoint Retail Suite

With the Retail Suite, all StrongPoint technology solutions in the store can be monitored and operated from one single point – a PC, a tablet, a mobile phone, or from a central office. The StrongPoint Retail Suite puts itself between the central ERP system and the individual stores. Rather than sending all updates and notifications to the individual stores, they only have to be sent once, to the StrongPoint Retail Suite. The system then manages all the updates to the various solutions in the stores. Upgrades, adjustments and notifications are thus made much easier, faster and more reliably. By using the Retail Suite, issues can be addressed faster and easier.

Retail Suite Self-checkout module

The Retail Suite Self-Checkout module is incorporated in the self-checkout solution. It provides a friendly and intuitive interface for shoppers and ensures hassle-free operations for retailers. The software manages all the communications between the POS solution and the self-checkout and ensures that all functions are accessible to customers. This makes the shopping journey easy and fast. The easily adaptable screen design will satisfy branding needs and loyalty program requirements for any retailer.

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