Automated cash register - new cash management solution

Server Mark provides a leading cash management solution in the market that has a huge impact on your overall business - automated cash register.

Now you can focus your time on doing business, not managing in-store money.

CashGuard automated cash register manages resources and you get a real-time view of cash flow.

insured cash

Insured Cash

CashGuard is a closed system tamper-proof.

Sales increases

Sales increase

CashGuard counts the money propertly – without exceptions


Total Cash Management

Cash control and management through Store Manager Softwar

cash balance

Unbalance dissapear

Cash will always match saving closing times


CashGuard Premium

CashGuard Premium is the leading automated cash register solution on the market. It has a proven track record of providing an efficient cash management to retailers.

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CashGuard Unico

CashGuard Unico is a customer-facing payment solution, which improves shopping experience and frees up resources for smaller retailers on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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Store Manager

The Store Manager software automates cash handling, which saves both time and money.

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